Capitol City Summit

Group Assignments

2018 Capitol City Summit
Table Presentations

• Each person attending the Summit has been assigned a table to sit at. This group will stay together for the entire period of the Summit, including going to dinner together on Tuesday Evening.

• The task of each table will be to put together a presentation to be done on Wednesday afternoon of what your table thought the highlights of the Summit were. This could include the vendors display/dinner Monday night, Steve’s presentation on Tuesday, dinner on Tuesday, and the presentations on Wednesday morning.

• Your presentation can be in any form. Special points will be given for original thoughts and ideas in your Presentation. In the past, employees within Level Green have used Short Skits, Songs, Slide Shows, and Movies to get their points across.

• The winner group as decided by the owners table will each receive a $100 bill.

Group #1

Jessica Cruz (Native)
Velter Mendoza (Native)
Rick Vetrini (Duke's)
Shawn Ash (Greenscape)
Corey Rill (LGL)
Travis Hohman (LGL)
Brian Brueggemann (Focal Pointe)
Phil Allen (Prof.)

Group #2

TJ Rau (Focal Pointe)
Patti Lopez (Native)
Clint Brown (Ward)
Aaron Williams (Duke's)
Emilie Roper (LGL)
Anthony Fuller (LGL)
Wayne Taylor (LGL)
Ryan Graham (LGL)
Elizabeth Riley (Prof.)

Group #3

Craig Spihlman (Focal Pointe)
Jose Olivera (Native)
Kevin Milliken (Ward)
Jon Haze (Greenscape)
Josh Burton (LGL)
Brett Hardy (LGL)
Scott Rupert (LGL)
Sarah Wright (LGL)

Group #4

John O'Connell (Focal Pointe)
Michael Spell (Native)
Chris Short (Ward)
Justin vanBlaricom (Greenscape)
Melanie Mixon (Greenscape)
Randy Pettko (LGL)
Craig Fugate (LGL)
Whitney Griffin (Prof.)

Group #5

Paul Wisniewski (LGL)
James Kole (LGL)
Andy Doesburg (Ward)
Earl Barnes (Duke's)
Jon Davis (Greenscape)
Shaun Price (Focal Pointe)
Tucker Douglas (LGL)
Howard Eyre (Prof.)

Group #6

Robie Huang (Native)
Jose Udave (Native)
Dave Keffer (LGL)
Joey Schneider (LGL)
Scott McKenna (Duke's)
Klark Larrieu (Greenscape)
Christine Soderlund (Conserve)
Craig Tolley (Prof.)

Group #7

Sandra Ortiz (Focal Pointe)
Jennifer Smith (Native)
Arron Culler (Greenscape)
Tina Czysz (Greenscape)
Michael Mayberry (LGL)
Brad Butler (LGL)
Eric Hansel (Focal Pointe)
Greg Yount (Native)
Mike Mohney (Prof.)

Group #8

Adam Benes (Focal Pointe)
Chris Rhodes (Native)
Brett Burgin (Native)
Danielle Mungiello (Duke's)
Jack Davis (Greenscape)
Marion Deck (LGL)
Ashley Owens (LGL)
Marion Delano (LGL)
Gabe Hohman (LGL)

Group #9

Paul Weaver (LGL)
Brian Bobikiewicz (Focal Pointe)
John Combs (Focal Point)
Ryan Bramer (LGL)
Julia Clark (LGL)
Dana Fritsche (Focal Pointe)
Lisa Stoner (Focal Pointe)
Sandra Leija (Native)

Group #10

Ben O'Neal (Focal Pointe)
Luis Cardona (Native)
Josiah Ball (Native)
Todd Wilson (Native)
Mariela Aguilar (Native)
Elder Martinez (LGL)
Cameron Cook (LGL)
Michael Schwartz (LGL)

Group #11

Todd Hardy (Ward)
Nathan Adams (Ward)
John Dumschat (Duke's)
Adam Bernat (Duke's)
Nathan Beasley (Greenscape)
Misty Gil (Greenscape)
Ryan Truelove (Greenscape)
Jose Ruiz (LGL)
Eric Bross (LGL)

Group #12

John Munie (Focal Pointe)
Daniel Currin (Greenscape)
Eric Cross (Duke's)
Mike Ward (Ward)
Doug Delano (LGL)
Bill Hardy (LGL)
Ben Collinsworth (Native)
Bruce Wilson (Conserve)